ITTF Weaving 5.0


*ITTF approved
*Structured embossing for high wear resistance and perfect foot feel.
* E-SUR surface treatment, glass fiber mesh, high density foams, grants stability and durability.


Developed in collaboration with and approved by the ITTF, the Weaving 5.0 sports surface has already been used at the 2016, 2019 and 2020 World Table Tennis Championships. Its specially textured embossing provides high wear resistance and a perfect feel for fast, precise sports like professional table tennis. The stabilization layer, mixed with fiberglass mesh, is PVC-reinforced and protects the floor from deformation or cracking under continuous load. In addition, the high-density foam layer ensures perfect shock absorption, which protects the joints of athletes and effectively protects them from injury.

The E-SUR surface treatment also makes this floor stain, wear and scratch resistant, making the Weaving 5.0 the perfect choice for professional table tennis events.

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